Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Home

Posted on: 16/02/2015 in 'Property News'
Given the very competitive market we currently find ourselves in, here are a few hints and tips we have found to be of benefit in selling your home.

1. First Impressions Count.
Remember the exterior of any property is going to give a potential buyer their first impressions of your home and that really counts! Ensure the garden is neat and tidy with lawns cut and hedges trimmed. Don’t have kid’s toys lying around and touch up any paint work that needs it. Don’t have a garden full of flower pots with dead flowers and do replace them with some freshly planted tubs.

2. Your Selling Your House Not Your Home.
De-clutter and de-personalise your property, a property full of personal effects, photos and knick knacks will not appeal as much as a blank canvas to a potential buyer. Rooms full with possessions, no matter how personal and valuable, will inevitably make rooms appear smaller and darker. Have a clear out and store your possessions with friends or family.

3. Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness!
It may seem sound elementary but a clean house will sell faster, pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom. Fresh clean smells are always appealing; ensure rooms are well aired and fresh flowers or a scented candle will always give a good impression unlike pet or cigarette odours.

4. Make The Effort.
Ensure small D.I.Y. jobs are completed; you are looking to give a potential buyer reasons to buy your property not criticise it. Paintwork should be touched up where necessary, don’t have wall paper peeling in a corner and make sure all light bulbs are working. As they say the devil is in the detail and something as simple as a loose door handle can leave an impression of an unloved property.

5. Price, Price, Price, Price.
Remember it is a Buyers Market, unlike the days of the Celtic Tiger the number of properties well outstrip the number of buyers. Economic conditions are for most people the worst in living memory so remember no matter how you dress your home up if the price is not appealing you won’t sell your property. The market is currently made up of 2 categories of buyers, the cash buyer and the limited number of those who are mortgage approved and remember both are looking for value for money.

If you have decided to sell your property or are just contemplating please give our office a call on 0402 32911 or email to arrange a free pre market appraisal of your property from our experienced team.